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Embark on a week-long road trip in and around Trondheim - the 2022 European City of Gastronomy and the home of Bocuse d’Or 2024 - with good reason. Daily culinary experiences; tastings and lectures on biodynamic farming, microbrews, high-quality local food, food foraging, sustainable food production and the history of Norwegian food heritage. Raw nature on the coast and in the rural districts. Scenic drive on “The Golden Road” along the Trondheimsfjord. Charming farm & boutique hotel stays and visits to historical sites such as the Nidaros Cathedral.

Impact Statement

With 'Norway for Foodies' we wish to highlight UN's Sustainability Goal 11.4 - 'Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage'. We take you food foraging and teach you about biodynamic farming and sustainable food production through Norwegian food heritage to strengthen our communities and local economy. Our food heritage is a part of our cultural identity and a valuable factor in empowering and enabling participation in Norwegian society.

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Dinner with a Local

Arrive in Trondheim - Norway’s Food Mecca

Trondheim is easily accessible with domestic and international flights, a 6 - 7 hour train or car ride from Oslo, or as a stop on a Hurtigruten or Havila coastal cruise along the Western coast. You can even fly directly from hubs such as Amsterdam with KLM or Reykjavik with PLAY.

So why is it that Trondheim has seen an increase in international direct routes in recent times? Our guess is the city and region’s evolution as a hub for lovers of food and culture, as well as the number of emerging fascinating places to stay; everything from 'Leading Hotels of the World' member Britannia to architectural gems such as Øyna and Stokkøya.


Surrounded by countless small and large-scale food producers, Trondheim is the city in Norway with the strongest focus on local food, the true Home of Nordic Flavours.

Arriving in Trondheim means stepping into rich modern food culture. What better way to start off your culinary journey than a dinner with a local? We'll introduce you to Bjørn. Who is Bjørn, you might wonder? This local entertainer has two great passions in life; food and music. Prepare for a home visit and dining experience you will never forget; in Bjørn's little red house, homemade dishes are served in harmony with local entertainment.

No doubt you’ll sleep well; all the hotel beds in Britannia have Hästens luxury mattresses.


Get your hands on art and history before Michelin dining

Explore Trondheim

Experience the delicious use of local produce when eating breakfast in beautiful Palmehaven at Britannia Hotel before heading out to explore Trondheim. For those who want an active start to their morning, hit the Britannia gym or pool, or go kayaking down the Nidelven river with a guide.

For those who prefer a calmer start, head straight to Bakklandet; a stroll through the picturesque old town with its colourful wooden houses, cafes and shops, will make you wonder why Trondheim wasn’t on your bucket list ages ago. For tea lovers, note that Norway’s most experienced tea blender, Hanne C. Heggberget has her little tea shop here.

Trondheim is also home to the largest medieval cathedral in the North, Nidarosdomen, built on top of Viking King’s St. Olav’s grave and therefore a pilgrimage site for nearly 1000 years. Together with a local insider, we invite you for a 3-hour historical walking tour of the city to gain insight into this intriguing part of our heritage, including a ‘Hidden Rooms’ tour of the cathedral itself.

We’ll let you in on our favourite lunch spot before sending you off to K-U-K; an art gallery given to Trondheim by local artist Kjell Erik Killi-Olsen who wanted to create an arena where young artists can be inspired and thrive.

In the evening, we’ll hook you up with dinner reservations at one of Trondheim’s two Michelin-starred restaurants; Speilsalen or Fagn, or maybe another one of our favourites, Bula Bistro or Kraft Bodega - there are so many good options to choose from you might just have to stay an extra night.

Insider Tip: Go on a private tour of Trondheim by boat with your very own captain - more authentic than a Venice gondola guaranteed!


The Toscana of Trøndelag and Detour to Great Experiences

Forage and Harvest, then Head for the Golden Road

The first time we sent our guests foraging with Jim Andre, the feedback we got was ‘Everyone should have a Jim Andre in their lives'. His speciality is finding edible wild herbs, vegetables and mushrooms harvested from land and sea. Today we invite you to join him for a foraging experience followed by an outdoor bite, based on your own harvest.

In the afternoon, we’ll have your rental car ready for you to head North towards Inderøy and The Golden Road; a detour filled with activities and attractions themed around food, beer and spirits, as well as handicrafts. We will guide you to the best places to visit (and taste!) along the way.

Your home for the next two nights is the impressive Øyna Culture Landscape Hotel with an excellent restaurant and bar with panoramic views of the idyllic rural countryside and the Trondheimsfjord. The sanctuary tucked away in a hillslope is in fact on the Fodor 2022 list of 'Best Hotels to Visit in Europe'. Frode and his team have made a living out of showcasing the region's very best local food and beverage producers, and as you will come to experience; created an eco-friendly place where one can live a harmonic rural life.

Insider Tip: E-bike parts of The Golden Road with a local guide.


Inderøy - Stokkøya

Design & Architecture by the Sea

A three hour drive towards the Trøndelag coast will lead you to Stokkøya island, a destination where local entrepreneurship thrives and keeps the local community alive. Check in at Stokkøya Beach Hotel – a true pearl of the coast, and with a personal touch created by co-founders Torild and Roar. The philosophy of this place is to combine the elements of nature, architecture, food and activity. Here you will again encounter the concept of ‘matauk’: foraging produce from the sea.


Spend your days and evenings at leisure; walk or cycle to admire the urban architecture and coastal landscape, kayak along the sandy beach, try the hot tub, and simply laze by the sea. We’ll ensure you are introduced to the signature shellfish lunch in Strandbaren (The Beach Bar) and the beer produced at the local island brewery.

Insider Tips for the Adventurous Traveller: Stop to climb the Fosen Via Ferrata on your way to the coast.

Insider Tips for a family or small group of friends or colleagues: Check in at Norway’s most impressive converted boat houses; Naustet.


Stokkøya - Bårdshaug


As you start looping back south east towards Trondheim, stop to visit an exemplary farm where two of our favourite farmers, Elin and Carl Erik, will introduce you to their version of the Biggest Little Farm, and inspire you with their biodynamic practices. The nearby Orkanger area can also boast talented dairy producers and one of Norway’s best salmon rivers. In the midst of all of this, you will find a historic hotel which will serve as the last home on your journey. On the menu tonight; cheese from local producers and other local delicacies in 5 delicious courses to round off your Culinary Grand Tour of Trøndelag.



Return to Trondheim

Takk for maten

Return to Trondheim.

Insider Tips: If you are hungry for more, continue to UNESCO heritage town Røros, a short drive or train ride to the East. This charming town was founded in 1644 when copper ore was discovered in the area, and features some of the oldest wooden buildings in Europe. Today, Røros is a living museum, a quality-stamped ‘Sustainable Destination’ and UNESCO heritage site - working systematically to reduce the environmental impact of tourism while preserving the town's history, character and nature. Last but not least, Røros is known as one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced foods. Local food history will form the centre of the experience, but the atmosphere of this remote old mining town is definitely an addition to savour.


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