Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

Travel to Norway

Why should you travel to Norway?

What’s the difference between Norway and the rest of the Nordics, you may ask? Oh, come on! The scenery is amazing! Out of this world. Seriously! Mountains, glaciers, fjords, flora, and fauna – from mainland Europe to the Arctic, if you turn 180 degrees and travel the same distance southward you will reach North Africa. That’s a long stretch of Adventure Park. Moose! Reindeers! Whales! Eagles! Puffins! Even the muskoxen, a real stayer! Check out our Up Guide to Norway to learn more.


About Norway

What is a fjord?

A fjord is created when a glacier retreats after carving its typical U-shaped valley, and the sea fills the resulting valley floor. In Norway, we have 1190 of them. However, Norway’s fjords are more than just pretty scenery. The culture of fjord Norway is as deep as the mountains are tall.


Good to Know

What is the general price level in Norway?

Have a look at the Norwegian statistics on consumer goods and services here.

Travelling with Up Norway

What benefits do I get as an Up Norway traveller?

Our local expertise, sustainable approach, digital itineraries and passion for Norway provide a journey like no other. By delivering a new era of experiences we provide travellers with a desired escape from everyday life.

We have built a system for understanding what each of our travellers wants. We use technology to enhance our personalised service, not to replace it. We save you from frustrating internet searches and travel logistics.


Before Departure

Do you need a travel visa?

Norway as a Schengen area country does not require foreign visitors from visa-exempt countries to have a visa. Travellers from countries who are not visa-exempt need the Schengen visa to enter the Schengen zone.

Entry requirements can change unexpectedly and differ based on your nationality and departure location. We strongly advise you to verify the rules that apply to your situation. Ensuring you have obtained the necessary visa if required, and confirming your passport has required validity are two important checkpoints.

Sustainable Luxury

What is Eco-Luxury/ Sustainable Luxury?

Luxury at Up Norway is focused on the beauty of connection – to the people you will meet, the companions you travel with, to yourself and to the nature around you. We provide off-beat, rare, unique and visceral experiences for our guests. We tailor our journeys elegantly, by using expertise across various fields that give you the attention to detail that aim to make your experience seamless and transformative.