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Our professional team of insiders, partners and exclusive pathfinder-hosts genuinely care about giving our guests an unforgettable experience. Our extraordinary extended team understands exactly what the modern traveller is looking for.

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Christine Madsen

Dale of Norway

Wool is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. With a persistent focus on making high-quality, long-lasting garments of 100% wool, Dale's collections are designed to last, design-wise and quality-wise.

Kristin Fjeld


'Up Norway is opening new horizons for travelers while focusing on creating better practices in ecotourism and responsible social impact, while Polestar is working to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility. In Polestar we constantly find inspiration in other change makers and team up with other that are a uncompromising to their values.'

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Erik & Jørgen

Amundsen Sports

Our company is built on the legacy of Roald Amundsen and the traditional Norwegian outdoor lifestyle. The best way to experience Norway is to meet local people and find small hidden places. With Up Norway, you will do exactly that. Enjoy your stay!

Anders Husa

The Hungries

Anders Husa is a renowned food blogger and content creator. His award-winning blog serves as an invaluable resource for culinary enthusiasts. His food community, The Hungries, connects foodies worldwide. Together we share a passion for exceptional food experiences and culinary adventures.


Brim Explorer

We share Up Norway´s view on the importance of quality and sustainability in tourism and are proud to have our experiences in their portfolio.

Ellinor & Ailu

Davvi Siida

Up Norway has the same core values ​​as us when it comes to culture, sustainability, consideration and experiences, and thus they reach the guests we are looking for. We are proud to sit at the very top of Norway offering Sami culture to our mutual guests.

We are passionate about unique experiences, with a focus on quality, sustainability, customisation and authenticity. Together, we can offer our travellers an unforgettable journey.

Become our partner - we can't do this without Norway's best on our team.


Up Norway offers a range of unique experiences for travellers from around the globe. To be an Up Norway partner means you are committed to creating best-ever guest experiences.

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