Gift Card

When you want to surprise a loved one with a journey of a lifetime – What's better than gift cards?

Arctic Dip in Lofoten

Deciding on when and where to go is often an obstacle when wanting to book a dream journey. Why not get a gift card and decide later?

Relaxing in the snow

We've all been there. A loved ones birthday is coming up and you want to get them a trip of a lifetime. But wouldn't it be a good idea if that significant other had a saying in when or where to go? But that would ruin the surprise! By buying a gift card, you can give the element of surprise and at the same time invite your travel companion to plan the trip with you. Or, maybe you just want to give a friend or colleague an excuse to go see Norway, without joining them. Maybe you've been here yourself, and want to pay it forward? Either way, a gift card might be just the thing for you.