Photo: Office ‘on-the-road’ - Fleinvær

At Up Norway we don't believe that technology is a substitute for personal and competent human curation. We do however believe, that the modern traveler's experience - everything from planning and booking to the journey itself - is enriched by technology. What makes us truly special is our team of passionate insiders who know Norway inside out, our network of professional partners, and our common desire to create memorable experiences for likeminded; those who value quality, authenticity and sustainability.

Are you one of us? 

Our small team is growing, and we seek those with an interest for both unique travel experiences and digital technology, those with experience and a valuable network. Get in touch if you are ready to step into a new era of travel, and join us in developing the Nordics' best travel service for the modern traveler. /

We operate by these mottos:

"Ideas are cheap. Execution is dear. And the key to execution is team."

"Vår suksess er velfortjent i et samfunn som stiller altfor lave krav til kvalitet"