Northern lights in Norway

Magical Northern Lights up at 70 Degrees North

Try your hand at dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice-fishing while based in a mountain lodge and Arctic dome under the Northern Lights.


5 days


December - March

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Travellers seeking the perfect combination of winter adventure and relaxation in the glow of the Northern Lights

The mystery that circulates around the Northern Lights is as old as time. Norwegian folktales tell of Viking warriors marching to their eternal rest in the sky. Roman mythology couples the cosmic shimmers to Aurora, goddess of the dawn. While scientific knowledge of the celestial phenomenon has advanced, there remains a bit of magic that makes these glows elusive even to the world’s most expert forecasters. It could just be the weather, or it could be connected to the viewers who are present to experience them?

This journey encourages you to create your own magical connection in Alta, spending your days on adventures such as dogsledding, snowmobiling and ice-fishing, and your evenings seeking the elusive illuminations of the polar night. Your basecamps for the adventure will be three unique Arctic accommodations in the wilderness. Your guides will provide you with the comforts of good food and modern lodging amenities while sharing their knowledge of this incredible Arctic region.

Illustration of a glacier

Impact Statement

Meet Norway's indigenous people and learn how they have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. See how climate impacts the Arctic with trees rapidly taking over the tundra threatening a way of life that depends on snow and ice. Many of our partners have moved from bigger cities to these rural areas to breathe life back into the smaller districts, and counterforce the urban migration trend. Bringing people back to rural areas has a profound social, environmental and economic impact, and this is one method of contributing to the United Nations SDG 11.4 - 'Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage'.

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Welcome to 'Eventyr'; Norwegian fairy tales and adventures

In Norwegian, Eventyr means both 'adventure' and 'fairy tale.' This is the perfect word to describe Alta, as it is a fantastic place for active adventures in the mountains, forests and fjords that are reminiscent of fairy tale landscapes.

Alta can easily be reached via a 2-hour direct flight from Oslo, and Norway is closer than you might think. You will be picked up on arrival and taken to the Arctic Wilderness Lodge at Sorrisniva -  on the banks of the internationally renowned Alta river in Norway’s high Arctic. Your first night in the north introduces you to the Nordic tradition with a sauna session; an experience that nurtures the body and soul before exploring the Arctic wilderness the next few days.

A 5-course dinner is served in the Maku restaurant.

Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge - River Room


Go Snowmobiling and Reindeer Sledding in Search of the Northern Lights

Experience the beautiful scenery above the Arctic Circle with snowmobiles from Sorrisniva through Alta Valley to the Finnmark plateau. The sun and the Arctic light vary during the winter season and provide a wonderful light on the horizon. You might also see traces from wild animals such as moose, grouse, fox and lynx.

Explore the northernmost ice hotel Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel! Every year the ice hotel is developed with a new unique theme. The theme appears through design, ice and snow sculptures made by local artists. The Igloo Hotel structure and all of its furniture and art are crafted by local sculptors using natural ice and snow.

Add on: For the adventurous, it is possible to spend a night in the ice hotel; this includes the special igloo ambience, sleeping comfortably on reindeer furs on your ice bed, wandering among handcrafted ice sculptures and having a drink at the ice bar. And if you feel like it, you can always escape back to your river lodge suite.

Igloo Hotel at Sorrisniva in Alta Norway

After dinner in the Lavvu restaurant, venture out for a fascinating introduction to the Sami culture with the potential to view the Northern Lights whilst reindeer sledding through the Polar evening. Your Sami guide introduces you to your reindeer who will pull your sled through the local wilderness, hopefully seeing the Aurora Borealis flickering across the night sky. You will stop at the Sami’s lavvu (teepee-like tent) where you sit on reindeer skins around the fire and hear stories about the Sami culture.

Insider tip: An alternative for couples and solo travelers seeking to experience authentic Norwegian cabin culture, Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge is a delightful option to the wilderness lodge. On average, Norwegians spend 60 days a year in cabins, and a stay at Bjørnfjell offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in this part of our cultural heritage. While here, spend an evening venturing Up to the top of the mountain for a bonfire night outside the cosy cabin “Bjørnehiet”. Make your own gourmet food while sitting around the bonfire on reindeer skin with a local insider telling you mythical tales and stories about the northern lights.


Snowshoe, Ice Fishing  & Dome Stay

Being together in nature is a big part of Norwegian culture, and a favourite in Alta is to go ice fishing - a relaxing activity that really allows you to unwind. On snowshoes walk through a pine forest to a quiet lake, and learn how to drill a hole in the ice. Your hosts will also prepare a delightful hot meal over an open fire in a traditional lavvo tent.

Your next accommodation will be the ultimate winter accommodation: an igloo-style dome. The dome features a large comfortable bed, wood-burning stove, underfloor heating, electricity and Wi-Fi. The wall facing the North and the majority of the roof panels are transparent, allowing for clear views of the Northern Lights, frozen forest, and winter wildlife from the warmth of your cosy dome. Spend your afternoon winding down before a 3-course dinner at your lodge.

Overnight at Glød Explorer Dome


Dog Sledding and Rustic Luxury Cuisine

Pick up the reins and become a genuine dog-sledding musher for a day! After gearing up and learning the names of your huskies, you will head out into the forest to enjoy the dogs and the frozen nature that surrounds you. Midday brings a hot lunch around an open fire as the mushers gather to share stories and teach some more about dog-sledding.

After a thrilling day in the great outdoors with these four-legged athletes, your multi-talented hosts will create a tasting set menu dinner for you back at their lodge, where the extravagant ecological tasting menu will include fish from the fjord, potatoes from the farm, reindeer from the mountains, bread straight from the stone oven and sweet berries from the past summer’s harvest.

A stay here will give you a feel of being home to a local family; and when you withdraw for the evening it will be to your very own forest chalet with windows from floor to ceiling.  Settle down to enjoy the silent, frozen beauty around you.


Continue to your next Norwegian 'Eventyr'?

Enjoy hot coffee or tea and a hearty breakfast before your hosts transport you to Alta airport, where you will depart for your onward journey with a heart full of memories and a camera full of pictures.

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Note: Activities are in small groups. It is also possible to arrange experiences privately.

Northern lights in Norway

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