Far Out in Svalbard

Part of Norway and yet apart from it, this remote Arctic adventure is an escape from the escape.


7 days


June - September

Best suited for

Travellers with a sustainable mindset who are not scared of the cold.

If Norway is an escape from the daily grind, Svalbard – 1300 km (810 miles) from the North Pole – is an escape from the escape. One of Earth's last great wildernesses, Svalbard takes the Norwegian experience to a whole new level. Remote enough to house the world's biggest seed bank, yet refined enough to boast one of the world's most extensive wine cellars, the island is an exotic place of polar bears and snowmobiles, invigorating cold and no trees.

Our summer Svalbard adventure takes in the best of its wonders: landscapes and wildlife; surprisingly diverse dishes to eat (and the northernmost beer brewed); insights into the Arctic permaculture and food-growing in sub-zero conditions. Take a boat into its stunning fjords and conquer glaciers with your new ice-climbing skills. Who knows, you might just spot a polar bear...

Impact Statement

The ecosystem on Svalbard is supremely delicate; all travelers are encouraged to spend at least four nights and to ‘leave without a footprint’, which is, to be honest, nearly impossible. There is considerable speculation about how climate change is affecting the population, health and migration of polar bears. Together with our partners we want to raise awareness around UN's SDG 15.5 - how we can 'Take urgent and significant action to reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and, by 2020, protect and prevent the extinction of threatened species'.

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A feel of the Arctic in the world's northernmost town

Arrive at Longyearbyen, and Enjoy a Signature King Crab Dinner

With modern comforts in historical surroundings, Funken Lodge offers a unique Svalbard experience. The hotel is located on the hillside with magnificent views over Longyearbyen and the surrounding mountains and fjords. Since 1947, the hotel has been a local gathering place, and the warm atmosphere will ensure that you immediately feel at home here in the Arctic. The cosy atmosphere provides a tranquil base to relax in after an eventful day outdoors. You can find a snug spot in front of the fire, and gain new inspiration from our library filled with Polar literature.

Settle in and stroll around Longyearbyen to get a feel of the city.



Active in the Arctic & Coal Mine dining

Today your guide will collect you from your hotel before heading into Longyearbyen on your own electric bike. On two wheels you will experience the incredible diversity of the Arctic. Make your way through the historic sites of the town at your own pace, with electrical assistance helping you up the hills, and tires perfect for uneven and loose terrain. A perfect merger of comfort and control in the Arctic terrain. Your guide will also bring binoculars for you to examine the incredible birdlife, and teach you more about the rich coal mining history.

Tonight's food experience takes place in Gruvelageret. The restaurant is epic, right beneath a glacier, and conveys Svalbard's history as a mining community. You will be served a seasonal menu by the dedicated team. We recommend a nightcap with the locals at Karlsberger Pub before walking back to the hotel.



Explore a glacier & the arctic wilderness hotel Isfjord Radio

Thoughts swell in the encounter with Svalbard’s exciting wildlife, history and fascinating cultural monuments located across the archipelago. What better way to take in the magnificent experience than on an Arctic mountain top?

Your hike will start in Nybyen, Longyearbyen’s highest point. From there, the route takes you through the valley towards a glacier. This is a stable glacier, so crossing in to reach Sarkofagen is both safe and an incredible experience. Let your guide go first and lead the way so all you have to do is take in the moonscape. If you are lucky you might find fossils more than 60 million years old on your way!

If you wish you can rather hike towards Foxfonna, a glacier named after the polar fox. This hike starts at Gruve 7 (Mine no. 7), the only mine in Longyearbyen that is still running.

This is an incredible opportunity to see the Adventvalley from a birds-eye view.

Returning from your hike you will be welcomed onboard the Isfjord Express. Cruising westwards Isfjorden you will hold a steady course towards Kapp Linné, where your hosts will warmly welcome you to Isfjord Radio, situated 90 km from Longyearbyen. The 1933 built radio station looks rough from the outside, but as you enter you will be stunned by a comfortable and warm inside; a perfect setting to experience 'kos'.

Tonight, you are free to spend a relaxing hour in the sauna situated on a sea cliff or learn more about the fascinating local history on a walk with your hosts. And who knows what wildlife you might encounter?


Scouting the Arctic

Step into a David Attenborough documentary - in real life

The best summer adventures can be found in the true wilderness, far off the beaten tracks. The area around Isfjord Radio will introduce you to the true Svalbard and the wonders of the high Arctic.

Explore Isfjord Radio with a full day hike along the old radio poles of Svalbard. Use Griegfjellet (Grieg Mountain) as a significant orientation point as you pass through the Arctic tundra, and if you are lucky, spot the walruses thriving in the icy waters or the arctic fox looking for treats.

As a golden rule, you should never disturb the wildlife on Svalbard, but wildlife is easy to observe from a safe distance. You will enjoy lunch at an old hunting lodge while learning more about the flora and fauna in the north, while the curious Svalbard reindeer grass beside you.

Your guide will decide your route depending on the weather and experience level. They have extensive knowledge of the Arctic wilderness and will always consider the best route option. No matter where the day takes you, the active day outside will be good for your body and mind - and you will be left with knowledge and impressions to remember.

Isfjord Radio is known for its adventurous kitchen. After adventurous exploring the Arctic playground, you will return to yet a playful and tasty menu based on local ingredients from Svalbard’s brave trappers.


Floating among icebergs

Wildlife Spotting in Spectacular Nature

After a delicious breakfast the next morning, step on board for an exciting RIB cruise on the west coast of Spitsbergen. Isfjorden is a gigantic fjord complex with cultural monuments from all of Svalbard’s historical periods. Today’s destinations are Trygghamna and Ymerbukta.

On our way to Trygghamna you will meet the eye-catching landmark Alkhornet, a large bird mountain surrounded by a lush and beautiful landscape. As you gently float between small icebergs in the green glacial water you can hear the ice crackle. If you are lucky, you might catch sight of whales, seals or even polar bears.

Back at Isfjord Radio, Isfjord Ekspressen is waiting to shuttle you safely back to Longyearbyen.



Choose your own Arctic adventure

Today you will go on a Walrus safari! Throughout history, walruses have been heavily hunted and there were only a few hundred left in 1952 when they became a protected species. Since then we are lucky to see the population recover and thrive. Cross the majestic Ice Fjord in a hybrid boat to Borebukta bay and visit the odd long teeth animals. In Borebukta we will use an electric motor to get completely silent propulsion, making the opportunity to visit the local wildlife without any disturbance. We can never guarantee a sight, however, the chances in Borebukta bay are great!

When you return to the mainland, dinner is served at "Huset”. This is one of Longyearbyen’s most legendary buildings and has been serving fine liquors, beers and wines to its people since the '50s. Enjoy a meal characterised by Nordic techniques and tasting combinations, with ingredients from the Svalbard and Arctic region.


Back to mainland

After having moved with respect in the vulnerable landscape, let the images and memories of wonderful experiences be what you bring back home from Svalbard.


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