Give me Møre!

The world’s most beautiful shortcut – from east to northwest through the Norwegian sierra.


10 days


June - September

Best suited for

Solo travellers, friends or couples who do not wish to drive, and those in need for a rejuvenating break

There are numerous reasons to take this trip, three of which are:

  1. Green, sustainable travel - no need for lengthy drives (or a driving licence)
  2. A perfect way to recharge your batteries in stunning, ever changing surroundings
  3. Great for solo travel and self-reflection; get quality downtime and gain new perspectives.

Insider tip: Public bus and regular ferry alternatives can be replaced with private transfers for those who wish to Upgrade their Møre-experience.

Impact Statement

We believe this might be the world’s most beautiful shortcut. To keep it that way, we work actively with our partners and travellers to achieve UN's SDG 13.3 'Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning'. On this journey, we have made it easy to travel green. We will introduce you to our favourite people - extraordinary entrepreneurs who keep our rural communities alive and actively work to protect our natural and cultural heritage. You will also get to taste local food produced based on sustainable principles in harmony with nature.

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Magical jettegryter in Hell

A warm welcome to Skåbu

Take the train from Oslo to Vinstra, where you will be escorted from the station to Skåbu – Norway’s oldest village (and the highest settlement in Northern Europe). In 2018, hosts Jannicke and Henrik relocated from Oslo to Skåbu and transformed the local grocery store into a fine family mountain lodge which now prides itself on its excellent kitchen, warm atmosphere and modern facilities. The mountain hotel is as of 2023 a part of the 'Regenerative Travel Community'.


While staying at Skåbu, the hosts will gladly show you their ancient mountain farm with 20 buildings dating back to the year 1500. Skåbu is the perfect launchpad for the myriad activities in Jotunheimen National Park. Spend a day with your personal guide and choose between seasonal activities such as fishing and hunting, moose-scouting, canoeing, mushroom picking, horseback riding, cross country skiing and dog sledding. Venture on a trip to Helvete (‘Hell’), to descend into its spectacular natural potholes, or simply spend the day doing some shinrin yoku.


Snaking ascents and inspiring views

Norway’s most spectacular rail journey

Continue with the train to Åndalsnes, where the second part of the journey – from Dombås to Åndalsnes – is known as the Rauma Railway. With its snaking ascent and inspiring views of the Trollwall, it’s easily Norway’s most spectacular rail journey. Transfer to Hotel Aak mountain lodge for a two night stay. Fireside dinners will be served at the communal wooden table in the company of fellow travellers.

The next morning brings an electric bike ride, Tour de Trollstigen. If you feel particularly active, continue with a guided SUP (Stand-up paddleboard) experience on the Istra river – this has been compared to rafting on the Amazon or enjoy an evening walk to Rampestreken Viewpoint in the light summer night - this is how to feel on top of the world.


Art Nouveau Stay in Ålesund

From Åndalsnes, you will travel like a local by bus to art nouveau town Ålesund. On the night of 23 January 1904, a devastating fire raged through Ålesund, destroying 850 houses and rendering 10,000 people homeless. The rebuilding project was undertaken by young Norwegian architects influenced by the popular European architectural style at the time, art nouveau.

This afternoon, we invite you for a high-speed RIB excursion along the coastline outside Ålesund. Get close to nature on the open sea while the local guide shares interesting stories and facts. You will visit a seal colony as well as Runde Island, known for its eagles and puffins.

While in Ålesund, you will stay at the intimate, harbour located hotel Brosundet, which believes in creating experiences satisfying all five senses – paying attention to what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt.

You will be introduced to Sunnmøre’s cuisine through a topographic dining experience at a well-known address among the locals – Apotekergata No. 5. Here you will discover a menu where nature dominates, and the seasons dictate.


A meeting with mythical fjords and the locals who keep them alive

Cruising the Fjords

Of all of Norway’s 1732 fjords, our hands-down favourite is the Hjørundfjord – a 35-kilometre arm of the larger Storfjord, carving its way through the Sunnmøre Alps. We cannot think of a better way to experience it than to cruise through them.

The Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains that rise up vertically from the fjord with peaks stretching 1,700 metres above sea level. The fjord splits the Sunnmøre Alps in two with small villages along both sides of the fjord, some without any road connection. Some of these villages remain unspoilt and have kept their authenticity, as the boat has been the only form of transport for centuries for the people who live here.

The fjord cruise is a picturesque voyage through the core of the Sunnmøre Alps, where you have the opportunity to disembark in Trandal village to visit Christian Gaard Bygdetun; home to one of the most spectacular and most visited music festivals in Western Norway. In Trandal you can have lunch and get a feel for local life and culture before returning to Ålesund.



The Atlantic Road, West to Veiholmen; like the Maldives - just cooler

Where getting there is truly part of the experience

Today you will travel by bus on the iconic Atlantic Road - an experience on its own - before continuing by local ferry to the island of Smøla. After a day on the road and at sea, you will eventually reach the raw, unspoilt archipelago to the outermost rocks of Smøla, Veiholmen. In this remote but beautiful fishing community, you can go kayaking. Paddle calmly among the many islets, cottages, harbours and skerries, with the occasional supervised tilt at the open sea for those with experience. Spot seabirds (including sea eagles), otters and see the giant fishing pens. Spend the next two days soaking up the huge skies, magical light and ever-changing weather at Veiholmen.

Slide your feet into a pair of woollen slippers, sink into the couch and feel the ozone filling your lungs while admiring the views over the Atlantic. A local guide will take you on a ‘værvandring’ (ramble), giving you a feel for the village’s history and its local people through ‘småtta’, or shortcuts through private gardens (fences are illegal here!) to make you immediately feel at home.


Back to the mainland

Trondheim: A Viking Feast

From Veiholmen, enjoy the spectacular view from the bus as you return to Edøy, get back on the ferry and continue to mid-country: Trondheim.

Venture out for a stroll in the picturesque old town with its colourful wooden houses, cafes and small shops. While in the city, don't miss the chance to visit the largest medieval cathedral in the North, Nidarosdomen, which has been a pilgrimage site for nearly 1000 years.

Surrounded by countless large- and small-scale food producers, Trondheim is the city in Norway with the strongest focus on local food. The city is scattered with high-quality restaurants, and we'll be sure to give you our top recommendations.



From Trondheim you can return to Oslo by train or flight, alternatively catch an international flight connection back home.


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