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A Frozen Fairytale - Explore Northern Norway in Anna and Elsa’s footsteps

A 7-day epic Frozen inspired adventure, filled with reindeer, snowmen and a cast of characters to melt for.


7 days


December - March

Best suited for

Families, couples and groups of friends that want to experience the culture and cast of characters that inspired Disney’s Frozen films.

If you and your kids have watched and rewatched Frozen, and the soundtrack has burned into your brain, now you can make this fairytale world a reality! On our customised, Frozen-inspired journey through Norway, we will introduce you to the real characters that inspired the ones in the film. We will take you to the true north, filled with world-class cuisine and rich cultural experiences, where snowy adventures with magical animals and people await. Experience Norwegian-style luxury, authentic Sami culture, and epic winter activities that will provide you with lasting memories for the little Elsas, Annas and Olafs in your life.

Luis Mendo Winter

Impact Statement

Meet Norway's indigenous people and learn how they have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. The Sami people have an ethical relationship with nature and ecological knowledge that will have you return with a newfound love and respect for the mountains, forests and fjords that inspired the ‘Frozen’ story. Through this journey, we invite you to take a deep dive in our sami history and culture and reflect on the relevance of UN's SDG 10.2 - 'By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status'.

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Once upon a time...

‘Eventyr’: Norwegian fairy tales and adventures

In Norwegian, ‘eventyr’ means both 'adventure' and 'fairy tale’. This is the perfect word for your arrival in Alta, as it is a fantastic place for active adventures in the mountains, forests and fjords that inspired Frozen’s landscapes and backdrops. Did you know that the main story of Frozen 2 is in fact inspired by the event referred to as The Alta Controversy; a conflict in the late 70s which in the end put the 'Samis’ - the indigenous Norwegian people - rights on the agenda. No doubt that the Tundra people are characters based on the Samis.

Your base for the next three nights will be a cabin at Bjørnfjell Lodge, a cosy mountain hideaway located above a fairytale Norwegian valley. In the evening, venture out on a campfire excursion with your local hosts. An outdoor dinner cooked over the campfire is the perfect setting to entice the Northern Lights to come out and sparkle for you.

Northern lights in Norway


Settle into Winter wonderland

It's true: Norwegians are born with skis on their feet

Kids Skiing at Bjørnfjell

A Norwegian winter holiday would not be complete without a day of skiing. Experience the freshest powder and cleanest tracks at Bjørnfjell, known for its incredible alpine scenery and balance of steep slopes and friendly cruisers. Explore your new frosty surroundings with ski slopes of all difficulties for a family-friendly ski adventure. Are you looking for an invigorating day of cross country skiing on expertly tended tracks, or maybe a day full of toboggan fun? Bjørnfjell has you covered on both fronts. (*Ski guides can be booked upon requests.)

After a day in the Frozen landscape, warm back up in the outdoor jacuzzi or relax in the sauna. In these tranquil surroundings, the only sounds you will hear is the slow trickling river right outside - unless it is Frozen.

Insider Tips: Read more about the Art of Skiing in our Up Guide to Norway.


Are reindeer really better than people?

Just when you thought your holiday couldn't get any cooler, we’ve upped the game

Today you will sculpt your own ice art at the world-renowned Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. Your own expert ice artisan will guide you through the tools used to carve a block of ice into a true ice sculpture. Afterwards, you will get the chance to try and create your own icy Olaf. Enjoy a drink in the Ice Bar at the end of your frozen experience.

Next up, meet their reindeer and learn how Norway's indigenous people have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. Your local insider will introduce you to your friendly reindeer who will pull your sled through the local wilderness. Stop at the Sami’s lavvu (teepee like tent) where you sit on reindeer skins around the fire and hear stories about the Sami culture before heading back for lunch in the lavvu shaped restaurant. Samis are portrayed in Frozen 2, so this experience will give you a first-hand look at the real stories that inspired the film.

Inside Igloo Hotel Sorrisniva


From Alta to Karasjok

Across the Finnmark Plains

Spend the day travelling with your own driver guide across the enormous Finnmark plains to Karasjok. Karasjok is the capital of the Samis; Europe's northernmost indigenous population, and home to The Sami Parliament. Getting here means travelling on a road where you’re more likely to encounter reindeer and moose than humans.

Settle into your own design cabin at a husky lodge built and run on sustainable principles. Spend the next 3 days immersed in both outdoor activities and total relaxation. Here you will take part in life on the husky farm where sled dogs are in training and puppies are learning to socialise. You might discover a new book in the "Dogmusher library" or spend time in front of the wood-heated sauna. At this forest husky farm, you are guaranteed a truly special northern heritage experience.


Dog sledding in the Winter forest

Today, you will embark on a dog sledding adventure in frosty surroundings for both young and old who want to explore the winter forest together. After gearing up and learning the names of your huskies, you will head out into the forest to enjoy the peace and tranquillity, the enthusiastic dogs and the majestic nature. In the afternoon when the dogs are resting from a full day of exploring, spend a moment in the authentic Norwegian sauna, or if you are up for a challenge, how about taking a dip in the icy river bath?

Dogs in Husky sled at Engholm Husky Design Lodge


Will the Aurora Borealis dance?

Polar Nights & Northern Lights

Spend today taking part in life at the farm or maybe head into town to get a vibe of local life. Alternatively, spend a day with Sven (Frozen’s reindeer) and Kristoff (his master). Your guides today will be Sami locals with generational knowledge of reindeer, who are eager to share their stories and culture with you on a reindeer herding trip.

In Frozen, when we first meet Elsa and Anna they are chasing the Aurora Borealis; and tonight, your own expert Northern Lights hunter will take you on an excursion on snowshoes. Your guide will share the enticing science and folklore of these celestial dances.

Northern lights in Norway


Snipp, snapp, snute...

And then they lived happily ever after…

A private driver will bring you to the local airport for departure. No matter where you are heading next, you will depart with a heart full of memories and a camera full of pictures, so happy you answered the call drawing you to Norway. Or perhaps you want to extend your Frozen adventure? Norway’s door is always open…

Chapel in Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge

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"Fans of the Disney movie "Frozen" will enjoy spending the day with the Indigenous Sami people, who served as inspiration for the film’s Tundra People. Learn to throw a lasso and be serenaded by a Sami musician as you enjoy a traditional fireside feast."

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