4 simple steps for sustainable travel in Norway

As an Up Norway traveller, you can rest assured our journeys are designed not just to delight you, but also to have a net-positive impact on society and nature.

If you’re wondering, what you can do as a responsible traveller to make your journey as responsible as it can possibly be, this sustainable to-do list will help to ensure your impact on our planet’s natural resources can be minimized on your upcoming journey to Norway.

1. Sustainable Luxury Travel:

Your choice matters

By choosing to travel with us you have already made a decision that will have you travelling sustainably.  Our operations are built around the principles of an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. We work solely with partners who are handpicked and quality-assured by our team. The chief criteria for us in appointing them is that their values and goals align with ours.

We consider ourselves to be sustainable luxury travel experts:

1) Our travel experiences are based on authentic local offerings, all of which guarantee a truly Norwegian experience

2) Our trips are created to safeguard our precious countryside and should never damage the environment

3) Your journey unfolds in harmony with our Norwegian lifestyle, allowing you a taste of the local ways of living – respectful of the local culture, people and social norms.


2. Bring your own:

Personal water bottle

Micro and nano-plastics impose a danger to our local wildlife both at sea and on land. It might seem like a small gesture, but by bringing your own water bottle you lessen the production of plastic bottles and the waste created by their disposal. Data tells us that the average person consumes 13 bottles of water every month. By packing one reusable water bottle, you could potentially reduce the production of plastics by 156 bottles annually.


3. Bring back home:

Memories & locally produced high-quality products

As a conscientious traveller this might be obvious, but let’s say it again: even though your journey triggers a desire to bring back souvenirs, certain things ought to be left where you found them. These include certain cultural objects, rocks, plants & flowers, and mass-produced souvenirs. Instead, why not check out high-quality products from Norwegian brands or handcrafts that last a lifetime?

Our insider tip, for example, is to check out the wonderful Norwegian firm ‘Db’. They manufacture an award-winning range of luggage and travel gear. Or how about our clothing company Amundsen Sports? Influenced by the famous Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen’s spirit of adventure, their expertise is in creating smart outdoor gear inspired by the past and built for the future. As an Up Norway traveller, you can enjoy a 25% discount on Amundsen's collection, and 15% on the Db collection.  And you can even get expert assistance in choosing the right gear just for you!

Also, good to know: Norwegian customs / toll regulations

Many of our guests have purchased and brought back Sami handicrafts, Norwegian interior design products, locally produced foods, and art made by local artists. These purchases contribute to local communities and can make our retailers, artists and designers as delighted with the purchase as the buyer might be. See for example Davvi Siida.

4. Respect nature and wildlife

Norway is truly powered by nature. Our relationship with the outdoors, benefiting from nature’s rejuvenating powers, is an integral element of our lifestyle. With green energy from hydropower, we support local industries and communities.

The main motivation for many travellers to Norway is to see and marvel at our fjords, mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes, wildlife and protected National Parks – all 47 of them. Respecting boundaries in nature is not just important in allowing it to continue to flourish, but also for your own safety. Vistas, glaciers, and waterfalls may be spectacular places to visit, but they also carry their share of potential hazards. Therefore, it’s important to always obey signposted instructions and listen to local warnings.

Do not feed, disturb, touch, or frighten wild animals. And keep a safe distance, especially during the hatching season. Note that if an area is declared as a nature reserve, specific rules may apply and entry may not be allowed.

You can read the laws regarding Norway's protected areas and wildlife here and learn more about Norway's eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites here.

Now you've done your part

– what are we doing? Check out our Internal Sustainability Policy here.


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