Minimal Impact

Our values reflect environmentally responsible projects

In collaboration with the Norwegian environmental service, CHOOOSE, we’re investing in climate-positive projects worldwide. The price of each traveller’s journey includes a CO2 contribution of 7 EUR per person, which equals 1 ton of CO2.

The Projects

In collaboration with CHOOOSE, we have chosen to invest in projects that reflect both our values and our business; forest protection and community development throughout the world.

Three of the projects we invest in are:

  1. Southern Cardamom REDD+ (Cambodia) –  Countering the biggest current driver of deforestation with forest protection and community development.
  2. Chyulu Hills REDD+ (Kenya) –  Avoiding emissions from deforestation and degradation in Kenya's green hills.
  3. Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve (Peru) –  Land-use transformation and biodiversity conservation in the Peruvian Amazon.

Learn more about the sustainability projects here.

Why are we doing this?

While travelling on an Up Norway curated journey our clients have the potential to impact our economy, and our environment and furthermore, to connect with the local communities. We wish to take this opportunity to enhance the manner in which our environment is impacted. To pioneer activities and practices that have the ability and capacity to transform the ecology of the world. We see our place in the economy as an opportunity to create a beautiful and hopeful future. That which encourages sustainable travel, offsetting CO2 emissions and creating a balance by giving back in ways that are global and traceable.

Contribute to sustainable travel

Through this portion of our fee, when our clients book one of our journeys, they support CO2-reducing projects certified by the United Nations and the Gold Standard, an organisation that sets global metrics to innovate and elevate both the practices and the policies surrounding environmental and social impact. In this way, their contribution will be used to directly fund projects that reduce carbon emissions in verified ways.

We believe that joining our efforts and intentions to help heal our planet and allow future generations to enjoy its gifts, can only make the moments we have together even more fulfilling.

Sustainable Luxury

What is Eco-Luxury/ Sustainable Luxury?

Luxury at Up Norway is focused on the beauty of connection – to the people you will meet, the companions you travel with, to yourself and to the nature around you. We provide off-beat, rare, unique and visceral experiences for our guests. We tailor our journeys elegantly, by using expertise across various fields that give you the attention to detail that aim to make your experience seamless and transformative.