Nordic Wellness - A Feelgood Journey through Scandinavia


15 days


April - October

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Those in need of a rejuvenating break for body and mind.

With this itinerary, we invite travellers on a personal journey of discovery to experience Nordic wellness and discover the magic that puts the Scandinavian countries on top of the Global Happiness Index year after year.

You will travel through The World’s Most Sustainable Travel Destinations: Gothenburg, Bergen and Copenhagen. We invite you to sink into saunas and refreshing Arctic dips; eat and sleep incredibly well; and slow-travel in comfort from Denmark through Sweden and Norway. Breathe the fresh air, be inspired by the spectacular nature and the wisdom of the North.

Our team will be on hand to guide you on a transformative journey – for your own life and the people around you.

Insider Tips: Make this journey in spring (March–May), a season when Scandinavians feel revitalised as the light returns after a dark and cold winter. Or aim for autumn (September–November). As Albert Camus said: ‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower’ – so don’t waste it by staying at home.

Impact Statement

This journey is centred around the UN's Sustainable Development Goal no. 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for everybody of all ages. It ties in with the World Happiness Report; what is the greatest source of world-beating happiness?

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Urban Wellness – Copenhagen, Denmark

Ranked among the Top 3 most sustainable cities in the world, Copenhagen is full of idyllic urban settings. It’s well on the way to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025, and you can play your part by using its extensive public transport network as well as getting around on a bike. Plus of course by eating sustainably in Scandinavia’s gastronomic capital where in fact a quarter of the city’s food sales are organic.

The airport train drops you at the doorstep of your hotel for the next three nights. Villa Copenhagen boasts a gym, rooftop pool and sauna. Tickets to the next-door Tivoli Gardens will be waiting for you on arrival, as well as a bicycle for mobile sightseeing. When in Denmark...



Sustainable Architecture, ‘Hygge’ and Happiness.

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Our Insider Guide to Copenhagen will be available in your digital itinerary, giving you our recommendations of what to do and where to eat.

Two things we don’t want you to miss: CopenHill, an incredible, futuristic ski slope and recreational hill on top of a plant that converts waste into energy; and The Happiness Museum, where you will see why Denmark is one the happiest nations on Earth (clue: ‘hygge’ has a lot to do with it). Private guided tours can be arranged on request. We will also assist you with table reservations in some of the city’s most trendy restaurants.


New views over the forest.

Daytrip to Skovtårnet - The Forest Tower in South Zealand

In the middle of Gisselfeld’s forests, a unique lookout tower has received international recognition for its innovative architecture. Your first glimpse of the 45 metre high Skovtårnet (Forest Tower) is from the starting point by an old water mill. Walk along a 3.2 km boardwalk meandering through the forest, then climb the spiral staircase right to the top of the tower, and look out across a 50 km panorama of trees and wildflower meadows.

You can enjoy this enchanted forest and floral landscape on a full-day excursion from Copenhagen. Smell the soil and pollen, appreciate the rustling beech and oak leaves, and spot squirrels, rabbits and deer. The trip also includes a detour from the forest to the spectacular turquoise sea that you can view from Møns Klint. This 128 m high cliff tells a 70 million-year history via its chalk layers packed with fossils of prehistoric sea creatures. Fresh air has never felt this good.



By train Up Sweden’s west coast to an organic vineyard and sensuous spa.

Rural Swedish Wellness


Train rides make for dreamy contemplation. Crossing the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden – Europe’s longest combined road and railway bridge – is a highlight, even for a Scandinavian. After 2 hrs 45 minutes on the train plus a 25-minute taxi ride, you’ll find yourself in rural Sweden. Ästad vineyard is located in a beech forest nature reserve. Here, they produce sparkling organic wines with the Solaris grape, using the Champagne method. A two-night retreat here includes the chance to indulge in culinary delights at Michelin-starred restaurant ÄNG and the more rustic Logen.

Don’t overlook the gorgeous, nature-inspired spa. Sinnenas Spa (Spa of the Senses) uses scents, sounds, materials and inspiration from the nearby nature reserves to create a retreat for solace and contemplation. The outdoor and indoor spa environments include a range of dry and steam saunas (our favourite is the Underwater Sauna). Stay in comfortable high-tech rooms and become fully revitalised. The vineyard and spa are surrounded by forest trails, perfect for a meandering afternoon stroll or brisk morning jog.


Introduction to The Power of Sleep.

Urban Wellness by the Oslo Fjord, Norway

More goodness is on the way! Back on the train, you’ll head north past Gothenburg before crossing into Norway. The five-hour journey to Oslo is perfect for knitting or losing yourself in a good book – how about something by Jon Fosse, the Norwegian winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature? Or get stuck into Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep, which will be a theme of your stay in Oslo.

Your accommodation is in a beautiful property which once housed Oslo’s electric company. Opened in 2022, the Greco-Deco-style hotel is next to the Royal Palace Park, and offers Oslo’s only year-round rooftop pool, an indoor wellness area and fitness centre. Locals love its restaurant, Ekspedisjonshallen, with its wraparound bar and live music.


The importance of a healthy sleeping pattern for wellbeing cannot be overstated, but in the past two decades poor sleep has surged in the West, partly because of digital demands on our attention. Norway offers a unique blend of natural elements for restful sleep – picturesque, tranquil landscape and quiet, cold, dark nights. Through a collaboration with Oslo Sleep Clinic, we’ll set you up with a sleep therapist specialised in techniques to master the art truly restful sleep.

After an initial 30 minute consultation, you will receive half an hour of hands-on physical treatment and personalised guidance, with the aim of helping the body move from ‘fight or flight’ mode into a more relaxed state.


Oslo on foot

The Norwegian capital has undergone huge transformations in recent years. An outburst of creativity and entrepreneurship is morphing our once-provincial capital into a miniature metropolis. New restaurants and bars have sprouted up everywhere; the city is also highly walkable, with plenty of greenery and nature close at hand.

Today we’ll give you our Insider tips on how to best explore Oslo on foot. Start with a stroll down to the fjord waterfront where we’ve reserved your own private floating sauna. Explore parks whose picturesque layout holds sculptures by the likes of Gustav Vigeland and – in the Ekeberg Sculpture Park – Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, Dali and Rodin. We’ll introduce you to the city’s history and culture at the museums on Bygdøy, as well as iconic modern architecture such as MUNCH, the National Museum and the Deichman Library. Along the way, pop into coffee shops and bars and dine among locals in the hottest restaurants in town with heaps of charm.



An oasis of wellbeing.

Day trip to The Well – the Nordics’ biggest spa oasis

Make your way to The Well – a wellness oasis which easily justifies an extra day in Oslo. Athletes visit this luxurious paradise to recuperate, Norwegians come to soak themselves wrinkly and for a dose of digital detoxing. Spa rituals run throughout the day, indoors and outdoors, including dry and steam baths, yoga, flotation tanks and tea rituals.

Everything has been designed to please harmonically, from the atmospheric lighting to the pale tones and earthy browns of the robes, swimwear and linens. This place dares to be different.



Fjord and Mountain Wellness, Aurland, Western Norway

Norway is the land of ‘kos’; a truly special and indefinable experience of pleasurable cosiness that’s uniquely Norwegian. It involves the art of consciously being in the moment, alone or with others. You can even ‘cose’ yourself on a long train journey, with coffee and chocolate, conversing with fellow travellers, invigorating the mind as you gently hurtle through stunning landscapes.

Today you’re travelling to Norway’s UNESCO heritage-protected fjord region on two impressive railways. The Oslo–Bergen Railway to Myrdal is the highest major rail route in Northern Europe, passing through desolate mountains and snowy peaks even in midsummer. The Flåm Railway is Europe’s steepest line, dropping 862 metres (2831 ft) down to the fjord below.

Fresh air, rolling green hills and waterfalls make Aurland, our favourite eco-lodge retreat. The buildings have been restored so that guests will get a feel for the history of the farm and the local community through the different interior designs. Check in for two nights and slide right into the eco lifestyle. Highlights include a private guided pasture farm hike, taking a Norwegian rowing boat out on the fjord, and unwinding in the outdoor hot tub under the stars.



Cruise by electric boat to Bergen


Indulge in a full day of fjord exploration before heading to Bergen. The local electric express boat is more than just transport; the 5-hour voyage on Sognefjorden, King of the fjords, is an experience in itself.

As well as Bergen’s picturesque wharf and rich maritime trading history, you’ll be seduced by the Hanseatic city’s newest and most flamboyant boutique hotel. Tonight is a night to dress up, put on some make-up, and explore Skostredet’s vibrant bar and restaurant scene including Hotel Charmante’s very own Moulin Rouge-style brasserie and ‘secret’ cocktail bar.


Coastal wellness in the Island Kingdom of Austevoll

The morning is yours to explore Bergen. Some of our favourite activities include touring the city’s most interesting neighbourhoods on a guided early morning jog with a dedicated running guide. Alternatively, check out the stunning views over the city from Mount Fløyen, reached via a funicular railway – you might consider taking it one way and walking up (or back down).


In the afternoon, take the one hour express boat to Austevoll, a community of more than 600 islands of various sizes. Out here, in Norway’s most populated (and youngest) community without a road connection to the mainland, the fishing industry has created prosperity for its entrepreneurial inhabitants. One of these is Ørjan Johannessen – his victory in the gastronomic championship Bocuse d’Or in 2015 positioned him as one of the world’s top chefs.

The Johannessen family have been hardworking proprietors here since 1982. They opened the sleek boutique hotel Beckerwyc House in 2022, which overlooks the local harbour from the top of an iceberg-shaped hill. Check in to spend relaxing nights on your secluded island in modern surroundings with a maritime flavour. A rustic dinner will be served in the guest house restaurant. As you eat, the terrace hot tub will be heating up for you.


Norwegian Outdoors Life and Island Gastronomy

The expression’ friluftsliv’ (outdoors life) was coined by the famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen in the 1850s. It refers to the value of recreation in nature for spiritual and physical wellbeing, without destroying or disturbing the environment. Experience this marvelous concept as a local guide hikes with you to Kongsen. You’ll climb the ‘sherpa steps’ – stone stairways built by Nepalese mountain guides – among Viking burial grounds to a viewpoint 185 metres above sea level, with a 360 degree view. Expect to see wild sheep and, possibly, sea eagles. On the way down, you will learn more about Austevoll’s seafaring history before ending up in Bekkjarvik’s gorgeous rose garden for lunch.

The top floor of Beckerwyc House is entirely dedicated to food and drink. A stunning view of fjords and mountains is the backdrop for a futuristic cooking experience – not extravagant and fancy, but heartfelt and down to earth. Mirabelle is Chef Ørjan’s gastronomic child, named after his daughter. In the Coastal Kitchen, you will take part in a cooking demonstration as you work up your appetite for tonight’s highlight, a Norwegian culinary masterpiece.


Back to where it all started

Breathe in the last lungfuls of fresh coastal air as you enjoy breakfast in your room. The morning express boat will take you directly to Bergen airport, and from here you will catch a direct flight back to Copenhagen. After a final evening exploring Copenhagen’s culinary scene and Danish lifestyle, you will be ready for your international departure from Copenhagen the next morning.

Today’s travel time affords the chance to reflect on the wisdom you have gained from your two weeks of Nordic lifestyle and Scandinavian wellness. Has anything enriched your perspectives and inspired you to make a positive change? What and who do you have in your life that you might start valuing more? Will you be eating and sleeping differently, and even adopting the idea of ‘friluftsliv’ in your own day to day?


International Departure from Copenhagen

Yes, it’s time to head home. However, should you wish to dedicate more time to Nordic wellness, the journey doesn’t have to end here.

A third week of Scandinavian wellness can be added to your itinerary by flying north above the Arctic Circle from Bergen, instead of returning to Copenhagen. Here, we will help you combine the Lofoten islands with Vesterålen and Andøya in an Arctic adventure in a whole new landscape, with phenomena such as the Midnight Sun in summer and Northern Lights in autumn and winter.


Should you have less than two weeks to dedicate to your Nordic wellness experience, we can also design a shorter itinerary with shorter city stays. The five nights in Aurland, Bergen and Austevoll are replaced with three nights at Relais Chateau property Hotel Union Øye by the Hjørundfjord, nestled in the Sunnmøre Alps.


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