March 9th, 2024

Personal Service - Digital Travel Guide

March 9th, 2024

Written by

Torunn Tronsvang


Why choose Up Norway? The personalized Trip Plans Itinerary is a compelling reason.

As an Up Norway Traveler, your travel itinerary comes to life in the Trip Plans app, offering convenient access to all trip details at your fingertips. Explore confirmed bookings, tickets, and a wealth of Insider tips and recommendations.

This fully illustrated app provides navigation tools for seamless transitions, hosts' contact details, daily schedules, and a chat service connecting you with our team for any questions. Our Insider Tips feature carefully curated destination guides and personalized recommendations tailored to your communicated interests.

The interactive manifestation of your dream journey, combined with our expert insider knowledge.

We make sure your digital itinerary is accurate and thorough, containing everything you need from arrival to departure.

From special deals with selected local brands, to sustainable travel information and packing lists, everything you can think of - or didn't think you needed to think of - is included.

When you download it in advance of your trip, it even works offline!


Travel logistics got you down? We've got you covered.

Norway’s canvas is painted with towering snowy peaks, deep blue waterways, lush green forests, and colourful islands dotted along the rugged coasts and tucked among the inland fjords.

Accessing some of these off-the-beaten-path locations requires master degrees in geography, transportation planning and orienteering. Or alternatively, you can use us; true travel Insiders who will make your journey seamless and provide you with one of the most innovative technological applications to enter the travel industry in decades.

Outsource your travel stress.

Filling out the paperwork for each hotel, transportation leg, and activity? You haven’t got time for that - but our team does. In fact, we already did it. It's right there in your digital itinerary. Now you can relax and consult the app when you have questions about what is Up next. Don't waste time deciding where to eat or what activity to choose. Your guide is there to help you gain more time doing and spend less time googling and talking about what to do.


When you don’t need us we’re in your pocket. When you do, we’re by your side.

Uh oh. Your hike just got canceled. The ferry to your next destination is held up by bad weather. You're snowed in at your igloo-style dome (wait - maybe that's not a bad thing!)

This is where the app comes into its own. It has a chat function that allows you to connect with the Up Norway team wherever you are. If it's a quick fix, it can be achieved via our chat service within working hours, or if the situation is more complex, we are available by phone 24/7.

We will arrange a new activity, alternative transportation, and update that guide of yours within minutes of our conversation. Now you can continue enjoying your Norwegian adventure, checking back in with the app if you need us again.


5 Reasons to Travel Up

Genuine Experiences

Norway is a treasure trove brimming with pristine places to visit, unparalleled adventures to experience, and remarkable people to meet. We know where the gems are hidden and we’re eager to share them with you.