Photo: Kathrine Sørgård

Welcome to our exclusive area, where we can introduce you to some very special friends of up Norway: our pathfinder hosts

Pathfinder Hosts invite guests to their family farms or on their favourite pastimes and activities because they genuinely want the pleasure of their company, not for economic reasons. These tend to be people who have made a success of their holiday business but no longer want to bow to tour operators's demands. Instead they'd like to choose the guests they spend time with: travelers with a fresh and curious interest in the land and its experiences. They want to preserve their local treasures, keep their favourite foraging areas and fishing spots to themselves, and share their knowledge and storytelling with people who are genuinely interested. 

Our Pathfinders trust us to request their hospitality only when our guests are a good match for their product or service. 

In the right hands you really will discover unique and authentic aspects of Norway that are even secret from most Norwegians, and we guarantee you will experience something out of the ordinary. Here are some examples of experiences kept aside for the few:

Mats fisker

zen and the art of mountain fishing

No sleep in those long summer nights! Some locals wrap up their day's work, grab their fishing rods and head for the hills. Flask of black coffee in the rucksack, simple snack, phone on silent. Settling down next to a mountain stream or lake, it's not only about catching a fish, but the simple pleasure of the activity itself, and sharing time with likeminded company.


snowscootering where the streets have no name

Imagine being cosily wrapped up in warm clothing, sitting on a snowscooter, shooting over a bone-white fjord and mountain landscape to the deserted village of Hamningsberg, where there are no streets and only a few locals in winter. Go ice fishing and share stories with your hosts while food is prepared over the fire. Stay in a comfortable timber hut, listen to the wind, enjoy the peace and watch the Northern lights –not on a group safari, but as part of the natural view from your window. 


 Photo: Comfort Express Karl Johan

learn about your heritage at an idyllic family farm

Maybe you have Scandinavian ancestors and want to reconnect with your heritage, or are fascinated by Viking history and Nordic mythology. Norway is full of historic farms in places referred to as 'der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu' (where no one could believe anyone could live'). We can put you in touch with people who can share stories about your forefathers and our culture, in places such as these. 


You've been given special access to this VIP area either because you have previously travelled with us and received high recommendation from our partners, or else you've been referred to us via our extensive network of friends and expatriates. If you are intending to come to Norway not to stay in a squeaky-clean resort, but to experience the real Norwegian good life, then you're going to love this scheme.

To find out more, let us know which of our journeys appeal to you most, and send a query to our Insider Henriette Bendiksen at, and she'll let you in on some more secrets.