Photo: Midnight Sun seen from Villa Haugen in Steigen.

Up Norway's highlights is a trip taking in some of the incredibly beautiful, breathtaking wonders of the world. The adventure begins in Tromsø – the 'Paris of the North' – taking you out to sea in order to experience the drama of the fjords surrounded by imposing mountains. It continues to the authentic island Andøya and on to charming Bodø. A little culinary awakening in Trondheim that continues in Røros with a sensational local food safari. The highlight ends in the capital itself, Oslo. The perfect conclusion to all the stories this adventure will bring.

Season: Summer, May – October, Duration: 13 nights/14 days. Variations can be tailored with more/less activities, and/or more/less nights. Winter variations available with skiing, Northern Lights and whale spotting.
Included: 13 nights accommodation including breakfast, 7 dinners based on local produce; Midnight sun cruise in Tromsø; Guided birdwatching by boat; Kayaking in Trondheim; Røros local food safari; Rental car for five days; Train & Ferry tickets; & Up Norway Digital Travel Guide. 
Highlights: Midnight sun in the Arctic, Scenic Route Senja; Birdwatching; Steigen Archipelago; Nordlandsbanen (Polar Express); Cultural Town Trondheim; Culinary tastes in UNESCO Heritage city, Røros; Fine dining in Oslo city.

Price per person from: NOK 35,800 (approximately €3,745 / $3645) based on two people travelling together & sharing one room

 Photo: Dried fish in Lofoten / Frithjof Fure -

Photo: Dried fish in Lofoten / Frithjof Fure -



  Photo:   The Arctic Cathedral  in Tromsø / CH -

Photo: The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø / CH -

DAY 1: Adventure begins in Tromsø

Step right into the high north above the Arctic Circle, with the midnight sun lighting up the sky even at night. Tromsø is known as the Paris of the Arctic. Why not start your stay here with a cable car ride to Mount Fløya for a spectacular city view? While up there, try a burger with a local flavour: reindeer. Overnight stay at The Edge hotel, where you can enjoy the luxury of a gorgeous view of the fjord without getting out of bed.

  Photo: Fishing in Kattfjorden,  Tromsø  /  Yngve Ask - N

Photo: Fishing in Kattfjorden, TromsøYngve Ask -

DAY 2: Midnight Sun Cruise

Enjoy a fresh, homemade three-course seafood dinner prepared by food enthusiasts. The venue is in a traditional red painted three-storey wooden house. Each floor has its own unique atmosphere and style. After fuelling up with some delicious food, get ready for a high-end midnight sun cruise. With the midnight sun illuminating the sky all the time, you can bask in its invigorating light while chasing the region's largest cod specimens. 

 Photo: Per Ritzler -  Statens vegvesen

Photo: Per Ritzler - Statens vegvesen

DAY 3: On the (arctic) road 

This thrilling road trip takes you through two national scenic routes. Accelerate through Arctic fjords next to sheer mountainsides that plunge straight down into the sea. Navigate fjords using Norway's impressive ferry network. Sail on to Senja, a flourishing green island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Towards the end of Scenic Route Andøya you will emerge into magical seaside surroundings. After half a day of travelling in the pure Norwegian nature, check into a quaint guest house and enjoy a three course meal in a charming atmosphere. Relax and enjoy the view of the magnificent Lofot Mountain

 Photo: Sea Eagle catching fish / Asgeir Helgestad / Artic Light AS -

Photo: Sea Eagle catching fish / Asgeir Helgestad / Artic Light AS -

DAY 4: the eagles have landed

Wake up, drink in the view and enjoy the serenity of this special place. Time for another adventure: this time it's a sea eagle safari! Birdlife is thriving at Andøya, and this coastline boasts the largest white-tailed eagle population in Europe. May is also a great time, when the island becomes a stopover for hundreds of migrating geese. Majestic sea eagles are also frequent visitors. 

  Photo: L  iving room from the glamorous 1920s

Photo: Living room from the glamorous 1920s

DAY 5: Welcome to Steigen

Continue your adventure by car, then take the ferry over the gorgeous fjord towards Steigen. After five hours' driving over mountains and fjords, it’s definitely worth the wait. Your hosts John Magne and Unni have quit their 'normal' jobs and put their hearts into making their small resort a truly magical destination. Relax in the hot tub and take a steam in the sauna. Afterwards head chef Luke Henderson, will provide an unforgettable gourmet experience. Don’t forget to take in the stunning view of the Lofoten archipelago.


  Photo:  Steigen  /  Øyvind Wold /  n orthernnorway

Photo: SteigenØyvind Wold / northernnorway

DAY 6: Steigen Archipelago

Enjoy a leisurely morning and a long breakfast, then go for a relaxing stroll on the beach. Enjoy the midnight sun all day long, and sunbathe at unusual hours. Maybe take a cool dip in the ocean –here there's a four metre difference between high and low tide. Marvel at the stunning views of the Archipelago, with its hundreds of different small islands. 

  Photo:  Exploring local life in  Bodø  / Terje Rakke - Nordic Life Nordnorge

Photo: Exploring local life in Bodø / Terje Rakke - Nordic Life Nordnorge

DAY 7: city roaming IN Bodø 

Check in to a charming guesthouse in the city centre, and discover Bodø's street art and upcoming restaurant scene. Be brave – try the local specialty, dryfish. Bodø is one of the fastest growing cities in Norway, and is rising in popularity as a hub for exploring the northern coast and Saltfjellet mountain range. Time to deliver the rental car and get a good night's sleep before the adventure continues. 

 Photo:  Nordlandsbanen Railway , Saltfjellet Mountain /  NSB

Photo: Nordlandsbanen Railway, Saltfjellet Mountain / NSB

DAY 8: ride the Polar Express

Jump on the Polar Express (Nordlandsbanen). Cross the Arctic Circle and leave the Arctic zone in sustainable fashion – after recharging with Nordic energy from the 24 hour sun. Hop off the train after 10 hours and arrive in the historical city of Trondheim. Trøndelag is perhaps Norway’s leading region for local cuisine. We will make sure we send you to some of our favourite restaurants. 


DAY 9: Explore trondheim by water

Paddling a kayak is a wonderful way to experience Trondheim's picturesque old town Bakklandet, with its colourful wooden houses, cafes and small shops. While in the city, don't miss the chance to visit the largest medieval cathedral in the North, Nidarosdomen. After this cultural immersion, it is time for yet another exploration of the culinary scene. Overnight at the hotel which officially holds Norway's Best Breakfast award!


 Photo: Kjerkgata, the main street in  UNESCO village Røros  / Terje Rakke -

Photo: Kjerkgata, the main street in UNESCO village Røros / Terje Rakke -

DAY 10: a taste of Røros

The two and a half hour train ride to Røros will take you into the mountains of Sør-Trøndelag. This UNESCO heritage village is one of the oldest surviving towns with wooden buildings in Europe, founded in 1644 when copper was discovered in the area, and its mining community shaped the unique qualities still found there today. Røros is a living museum, and a quality-stamped ‘Sustainable Destination’, working to reduce the environmental impact of tourism while preserving the town's history, character and nature. Røros is known as one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced foods. Indulge in a 6 course meal and spend a night at Vertshuset Røros – the perfect base to explore Røros on foot.  

 Photo: Destination  Røros

Photo: Destination Røros

Day 11: Local Food Safari

Venture out on a guided food safari in the sustainable food capital of Norway, where the finest farm produce – cheese, meat, beer, etc. – will be on the menu. You will experience the genuine flavours of the Røros region, while visiting food producers at farms and in restaurants. Local food history is in focus, but the countryside and the atmosphere of this remote mining town is definitely worth savouring. The streets of Røros, the old mining factory and Røros church are must-see attractions before you leave.

 Photo:  The Thief  / By  The Thief

Photo: The Thief / By The Thief

Day 12: from Røros to Oslo 

Time to take the train to the Norwegian capital! Gaze out the window and daydream of trolls and fairy tales. Get some rest too! Oslo is waiting to be discovered. Overnight stay at The Thief, located at Tjuvholmen – an island in the harbour crammed with contemporary architecture. You will be staying in the deluxe room, which has a wonderful view – this high-end art hotel has a calming and welcoming vibe that'll really help you relax after strolling round the city. 


 Photo: Evening dinner in  Oslo  / CH -

Photo: Evening dinner in Oslo / CH -

Day 13: a Relaxing finale

Step out on Oslo's main street – Karl Johan – and from here the possibilities are endless. Walk straight to the castle, explore the marina “Aker Brygge” or go to “Løkka”, a constantly evolving place to chill while taking in all the retro boutiques and cafes. The capital is a neverending adventure. Why not end it by looking out over the city and the magnificent fjord. If the sun is shining, we recommend the Ekeberg restaurant, which not only has a panoramic view of the city but offers an extraordinary dining experience. The perfect ending to an adventure you'll never forget.

 Photo:  Barcode Oslo  / Tord Baklund -

Photo: Barcode Oslo / Tord Baklund -

Day 14: Departure day

Take a last stroll to explore the city centre. The Opera House – an architectural wonder in white marble designed by Snøhetta, is right next door to the Central Station that'll take you to the airport. Conveniently you can get your breakfast to go, while looking over the Oslo fjord and the newly constructed Barcode. A last look at Oslo's developing future skyline before getting ready to depart.