Photo: Spør Kristian om bilde


Season: Primary season 01 Mai - Sep 30th, variations available all year. Can be tailored to your palate and desires.  
Highlights: Watch the finest of Norwegian apples become worlds best cider; experience the wildest nature and fjords; meet locals telling their stories and introducing their products; Kvikknes Hotel; Åge og Eli-Grete at Ciderhuset; Flåmsbanen and Myrdal; Utne Hotel; Ulvik; Bergen and the Hanseatiske Hotel
Price: €0/ $0/NOK 20 950(netto) *Pr person (based on 2 people travelling together) ??????
Includes: Includes 6 nights twin room accommodation with breakfast; Demi Suite w/ view over fjord, two dinners prepared, breakfast in your hotel room, cider and fruits, everything at Kviknes Hotel; tour with tasting and lunch at Ciderhuset (pris, fakturering??); Vatnahalsen Hotel; cidertasting in "Mor-stova" basement before dinner and drinks at Utne Hotel; tour with tasting on Hakastad Farm; deluxe room on Hanseatiske Hotel; 5-course including drinks at restaurant 1877(fakturering?)*Rental car can be arranged if needed at additional cost.

Meet Åge and Eli-Grete at Ciderhuset in the picturesque village of Balestrand. From the distillery you can taste different fruit brandies just as refreshing as the scenery around you! 

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Si ifra når du begynner å redigere :) 

Vil du ha med Kinn bryggeri Torunn? Og en båtturen ut til en øy der?

Alternativ ekspressbåt florø > balestrand > flåm 

Leiebil i Flåm ser ikke ut til å gå og de nasjonale turistvegene går de glipp av. Fått svar fra google angående vinterstengte veier?


Slik jeg ser det er ikke Kinn bryggeri så viktig, i tillegg til bryggeriruta er det flere aktører med på denne ruten totalt.


  Photo:  Jiri Havran  -  code arkitektur as /  -   View by Gaularfjellet

Photo: Jiri Havran - code arkitektur as / - 
View by Gaularfjellet

DAY 1: Florø - Balestrand

A warm welcome with cider and fruits in Sognefjorden
The small Norwegian coast town Florø is the perfect starting point for this adventure. Only small planes such as your domestic flight from Oslo can land here. Following up on this cider & beer adventure is a two and a half hour drive over the mountains and the National Travel Route "Gaularfjellet". At this viewpoint majestic Sognefjorden exposes itself giving a impression of what to come. Kviknes Hotel down by the Sognefjord will be your home for the next two days. Welcoming you is cider and fruits at your room and a 4-course dinner with ingredients from the fjords food storage.

  Photo: Kviknes Hotel /

Photo: Kviknes Hotel /

DAY 2: Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand

A visit to the local brewery - Cider House
In this warm fjordtown Balestrand is a ecological farm which is owned and driven by a familiy thats focused on producing natural products with best possible taste. When you arrive at ciderhuset they'll give a guided tour and you can taste still cider, sparkling cider and fruit wines and from the distillery you can taste different fruit brandies aswell.
Later served a la carte, the restaurant has dishes of local ingredients such as salmon, Aberdeen Angus and deer, but prepared with international inspiration - a kind of fusion cuisine, with especially starters fetched from Turkey.
Fruits and herbs picked from garden; drinks from the basement or maybe one of the mikrobrewerys; meat from other locals (recommend is the deer) and fish from Kalvag. The menu is based on season and which ingredients is good at this time.

On your walk back spending time enjoying architecture in Balestrand. Walt Disney used this place as inspiration when creating the succesful movie Frozen. Much fun for the kids to go on a guided Frozen tour to St. Olaf's Church. 


DAY 3: balestrand - Flåm

 Photo: /  Flåm AS

Photo: / Flåm AS

DAY 3: Balestrand - Flåm

Experience fjord-Norway
Continue driving along side Sognefjorden going from ferry to ferry in some of the best surroundins here in Norway truely is a magnificent roadtrip. Passing through small charming Villages time is set of for wandering around tasting local cider and fruits. Total drivingtime this day is three and a half hours and also includes Aurlandsfjellet National travelroute going from fjord to highland and Stegastein viewpoint. 
Arriving in Flåm, Ægir bryggeri wish you a warm welcome with viking dinner and own produced beer giving a modern version of a food experience from 1000 years ago in a local looking simular to a Stave Church. In this beautiful valley Myrdal is Vatnahalsen Hotel were you''ll spend your night. The only means of transport to the hotel is by train and bike so therefore it's the worldsfamoust flåmsbanen taking you up to Myrdal.

  Photo:  Wilbert Bijzitter / Reisemål  Hardanger Fjord AS      Utne Hotel

Photo: Wilbert Bijzitter / Reisemål Hardanger Fjord AS
Utne Hotel

DAY 4: Flåm - Utne

Museeum, krotakaker and hardangersider
New day begins with Flåmsbanen back down to Flåm. The railway is known worldwide, and most recently named world's best train journey by Lonely Planet in 2014. Spend  time wandering in Flåm, visit Flåm Bakery before going up the mountainon and down to Kvanndal on the other side, total driving time is two hours.
Coming into Hardangerfjorden is a picture postcard and beeing there in real life makes you feast your eyes on thundering waterfalls or fruit trees in bloom, everything you have heard about Hardanger is true.

Ferry over the fjord to Utne and Utne hotel in beautiful Hardanger having a memorable and relaxing stay in historical surroundings for two days. Breeth in energy while you take a walk in the beautiful landscape, or have a refreshing bath in the fjord. Cider and fruit on room at arrival and a delicious 3-course dinner with good drink in the evening makes the stay perfect. No tv. No stress. Just pure pleasure.

The Hotel is protected by the Directorate for Culture Heritage with a focus on the autehtic and unique atmosphere giving a true experience of traditional Norway in a high standard, welcome!

- Ulik er det nye ciderhotellet

 Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord/Ulvik Frukt & Cideri Asbjørn on Hakastad Gård in Ulvik

Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord/Ulvik Frukt & Cideri
Asbjørn on Hakastad Gård in Ulvik

 Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord/Ulvik Frukt & Cideri Apples on Hakastad Gård in Ulvik

Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord/Ulvik Frukt & Cideri
Apples on Hakastad Gård in Ulvik

DAY 5: Excursion to Ulvik

Picturesque fjord ferry and the worlds best apples
A true Hardanger adventure is waiting. Starting across the fjord with a ferry from the pier next to the hotel. No car needed for todays excurson. From Utne the ferry drives over the Hardangerfjord to fruit village Ulvik, the innermost part of the Hardangerfjord between high snowy mountains. Here you meet Asbjørn on his farm Hakastad. The farm is south facing giving plenty of sunlight for Asbjørn and his family to grow apples "with the good apple taste". On your personal tour they'll teach you something about the production and give a insight in Hakastad's history. Afterward different sorts of cider and apple products ends up on the table in the living room, perfect for tasting and spending time in good company.
Take a tour by the farm shop to get some cider or apple juice for later, you should try it together with some local commodities from Ulvikatorget. Here locals trade crops you can supply with for your picnic during a little activity by choice. Such activity may be; rowing on the fjord or hiking on marked trails up the mountain. Experience the real Norwegianness!

Fruitful Hardangers has very tasteful sweet apples coming from the cultivation environment as a result of the chilly climate and good lightcondition. 


 Photo: Sigmund Krøvel-Velle /  Nasjonal turistveg Hardanger

Photo: Sigmund Krøvel-Velle / Nasjonal turistveg Hardanger

DAY 6: Utne - Bergen

Paralell with the Hardangerfjord to Bryggen in Bergen
Abandoning Utne for now, the road ahead is marvelous, if the fjords havent made you gasp yet you probably will now. On the route is architectural stops made by both nature and humans.

Arriving in Bergen at the Hansetaiske Hotel, their historical hotel located on beautiful Bryggen(brew) protected by UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This Hotel is exceptional delivering exquisite stylish rooms built on it's history from the 14th century. Today "restaurant 1877" is serving a 5-course. Both restaurant and Bergen city preserves natural traditions and food culture. It reflects in every step of your journey ending on your plate at 1877. Recommended drink is beer from the brewery 7 fjell (seven mountains: named after Bergens placement). This brewery's mission is to develop exciting beer of high quality, focusing on richness of taste and complexity combined with excellent drinkability.

 Photo:  Gjertrud Coutinho /   Bryggen  and  Hanseatiske Hotel

Photo:  Gjertrud Coutinho /
Bryggen and Hanseatiske Hotel

DAY 7: bergen

Last days spent on a day tour through Bergen
Everyt good adventure must come to an end. Luckily there is more to explore before departing from Bergen Airport, Flesland. Bergen has a lot you should experience therefore a additional day can be added, the same way can this route be customized to own interests. 
Absolutely recommended not to miss is Fløibanen up to city viewpoint and the fish market down at sentral harbour next to the hotel. 

The airport is just thirty minutes from Bergen