A Taste of Local Secrets

Travel the Oslo region via your taste buds! From Nordic gastronomy to homegrown delicacies and sparkling brews, we have a feast of new experiences for you to to savour. 

A ‘blåtur’ is a Norwegian phrase, the equivalent of a trip into the wild blue yonder. Up Norway will tailor a culinary adventure to your taste and send you on a self-guided mystery tour centered around local food. The wide range of food entrepreneurs, working in harmony with their beautiful surroundings, might just surprise you. The city and its surroundings conceal many hidden treasures that are just begging to be experienced with all your senses. This is what makes a ‘blåtur’ in Norway’s capital so special.  


A taste of local secrets (8 hours)

Includes a tailored food and/or beverage themed experience, meal made from local ingredients, public transportation and self-guided digital itinerary.

NOK 1,900 per person

A taste of local secrets (24 hours)

Includes a tailored food and/or beverage themed experience, three full meals, overnight accommodation in Oslo, 24-hour Oslo pass and self-guided digital itinerary.

NOK 2,900 per person (double occupancy)
NOK 3,400 per person (single occupancy)


How it works

Fancy a mouth-watering trip through Oslo's local cuisine? All you have to to is to decide on a date. Then choose between an eight- or 24-hour experience, and make your booking online. 

Once we’ve received your booking, we will send you an email requesting a few details so that we can tailor your experience slightly. Please note that we need to have your booking at least 7 days in advance to give us time to design your experience. Your tailored experience will be accessible in the mobile Up Digital Travel Guide three days before your journey starts. Here you will find all the information you need.


Our promise

Heading out into the wild blue yonder should be a real thrill for you and your companions. You won’t know where you will be staying until three days in advance, what food and drinks you will be tasting or which local producers or entrepreneurs you’ll be meeting. What we can promise is that you will get to experience Oslo and its surrounding region via your taste buds, learn more about Norwegian food culture, meet a producer or local food and/or drink entrepreneur. We always strive to give you experiences based on our insider knowledge! 

Bonus Free Pass to Oslo: Included in the Local Secrets experience is free public transport within Oslo. In the 24-hour experience an Oslo Pass is included, which in addition provides free entry to selected museums and discounts on selected activities. 

 Photo: Dinner Taco at Pjoltergeist (Kristen Kellogg)

Photo: Dinner Taco at Pjoltergeist (Kristen Kellogg)


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