Photo: Huset, Longyearbyen, Svalbard. (Historic Hotels and Restaurants)

A Svalbard weekend is the perfect break if you want peace and space for thoughts and dreams. It is also a destination for diverse Arctic food experiences where locals and travelers intermingle over good food and drinks. After days in the wilderness scouting for polar bears and seals, sit back and enjoy seasonal and arctic cuisine in two historic venues; the old coal mine warehouse "Gruvelageret" and legendary "Huset". Reside in style at Svalbard Hotell. 

Season: All year. The Svalbard experience varies immensely depending on the time of the year; the light lures us to this unique place in which the midnight sun shines from early spring till autumn. During the winter, the northern lights cast sparkles of light across snow-covered, pointed mountain peaks and an infinite landscape - day and night.
Highlights: Wilderness experience in the Arctic and culinary experiences at "Gruvelagret" and "Huset".
Includes: 2 nights accommodation at Svalbard Hotel, 4-course Seasonal Menu at Gruvelageret, 5-course Arctic Menu at Huset, half-day dog sledding experience. Up Norway Digital Travel Guide.
Price per person from: €595 / $630 /NOK 5300 *Based on 2 people travelling together. Airfare and beverages at additional cost. 

Video: Huset, Svalbard



  Photo:   Gruvelageret

Photo: Gruvelageret


Seasonal Dining in an old Coal Mine Warehouse

Bring your shoulders down, admire the magic light in the high Arctic, and find yourself enclosed by the unparalleled silence on Svalbard. Settle in at the exclusive Svalbard Hotel , and stroll around Longyearbyen to get a feel of the city. Tonight's food experience takes place in Gruvelageret. The restaurant is epic, right beneath a glacier, and conveys Svalbards history as a mining community. You will be served a 4-course seasonal menu by the dedicated team. We recommend a night cap with the locals at Karlsberger Pub before walking back to the hotel. 

  Photo: Dog sledding (  Marcela Cardenas /

Photo: Dog sledding (Marcela Cardenas /

DAY 2: Arctic wilderness & HUSET

Dog Sledding Experience and Huset Arctic Dining

Thoughts swell in the encounter with Svalbard’s exciting wildlife, history and fascinating cultural monuments located across the archipelago. Depending on the season you go, we will take you on a summer or winter dog sledding experience.

"Huset” is one of Longyearbyen’s most legendary buildings, and has been serving fine liquors, beers and wines to its people since the '50s. Enjoy a 5-course meny characterized by Nordic techniques and tasting combinations, with ingridients from the Svalbard and Arctic region. 

 Photo: Roy Mangersnes / /

Photo: Roy Mangersnes / /

DAY 3: untouched wilderness 

Svalbard Your Way

You may want to spend the last day doing nothing in the stunning landscape. You may want to explore the insides of a glacier, or you may want to go snow mobiling. Regardsless, we will help you sort out the details. 

After having moved with respect in the vulnerable landscape, let the images and memories of wonderful experiences be what you bring back home from Svalbard.