This itinerary gives an interesting winter weekend for active families and couples (can also be arranged for smaller groups). If you want a heavier challenging ski-experiences the trip may be tailored to your palate and requirements.
Myrkdalen is attracting ski enthusiasts, beeing the largest in western Norway. Myrkdalen is known for it's quality snow coming in large qantities. So large that the destination is one of Europe most snowy areas.   

Season: Winter, from snowfall in autum to Mars/April. Duration: 3 nights/4 days. Variations with more/less activities, more/less nights can be tailored. Summer variations with mountain hiking, adrenaline-filled experiences and short distance to fjord idyll is optional.
Can be arranged with rental car. 

Price per person from: €  / $  / NOK

Includes: 3 nights at Myrkdalen Hotel including breakfast, 3 dinners; ski pass; alpine instructor; gear rental; spa; Up Norway Self-Guided Itinerary & Digital Travel Guide.



Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Lillehammer centrum

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Lillehammer centrum

DAY 1: Arrival day

Train transfer from Oslo or Bergen to Myrkdalen. Dinner at hotel and a cosy afternoon taking your woll underwear on. Spend it in front of the fireplace in the lounge reading a book or as you wish.



Photo: Middle station / Hafjell

Photo: Middle station / Hafjell

DAY 2: alpine skiing  

Introduction day

Waking up in a cosy bed ready for action. To introduce you meet up with your personal alpine instructor. With professional follow up you learn how to use and take advantage of your equitment, Making skiing skiing so much more fun. Fulfill your training course and you will have a steeper learning curve and a chance of propper skiing. This is just a head start on your journey to become a better skiier. 

The trails come in all levels of difficulties and have wide slopes making it a perfect base for beginners. You will find family-friendly green trails, long blue for newbies and more demanding blacks for the most experienced.

Norwegians preefer "afterskii" on their ski holidays. The "phenomenon" is typical Norwegian and allows you directly into the skibar in ski-outfit, directly translated it means "after ski party" and involve dancing and singing in the pub and on the tables. 

After a tough day a much appriciated treatment to soften sore muscels is needed. At the hotels very own spa they are experts on treatment needed after such activity. 

Ski in- ski out from Mykrdalen hotel 

Photo: Myrkdalen Ski Resort / Sverre F. Hjørnevik

Photo: Myrkdalen Ski Resort / Sverre F. Hjørnevik

DAY 3: Descent the hillside

Start the morning breakfast with a view at the hillside from hotels restaurant. The day is meant for you to try out the slopes on your own. When you feel you get control on your turns, start slowly going out of the the prepped tracks and try offpist. You now got a softer underlay and it feels like flying on soft powder snow. With over five meters of snow in these mountains try crousing offpist down to Vetlebotn kafé at the middle station. Take a well earned break with hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful view.  

After two long days speeding down the hills at Myrkdalen Resort we will arrange the hotels spesial three course dinner and a wine/beer and cheese tasting. 

Photo: Vegar Breie / Hafjell 

Photo: Vegar Breie / Hafjell 

DAY 4: cross country skiing 

Morning cross country skiing trip. Main difference from alpine is that you now power yourself forward using your own motor. Instead of just taking advantage of gravity and gliding downwards you kan also climb uphill using wax.. Picking the right wax depending on weather and snow condition is a hassle and takes expertiese, putting it on is even vorse, we will therefore arrange you with the prepped equitment needed to go on for miles. The option is lumps giving no glide effect or no traction making uphills tough work. Bring a typicall Norwegian "matpakke" (sandwich rapped in paper). With oranges, something hot to drink and a chocolate, Norwgians use Kvik-Lunsj chocolate (the Norwegian Kit Kat). What's different with cross country-skiing in Myrkdalen is the fjords surrounding the destination, giving a stunning background along your way. Make sure to bring your map and compass, that is a unwritten rule when traveling in the mountains.

Those who want a third day with alpine may choose this instead.