Photo: Steigen

1. The Experiences

Norway is a treasure chest of well-kept secret places to stay and people to meet. We know where they are, and we’re dying to show you.

2. The People

Our professional team of insiders genuinely care about giving you an awesome experience to remember. We also believe we understand the needs of modern travelers. Trust us.

3. The Match

Yes, Norway can be an expensive country, but you don’t have to be rich to travel Up. Our mission is to deliver an experience which matches your needs, whether you’re a hardcore explorer up for a seven-day trek around homespun cabins, or a wellness seeker eager for a luxurious spa break. Quality is always the priority. 

4. The App

Not only do we help you choose, but when your trip is booked, we ensure all the details you need are available right on your phone. Find practical info and navigation tools, and get personal service and tips along the way through our chat service. If you want a local SIM card, we’ll have one ready for you on arrival.

5. The Care

We care about our environment. For us this means selecting partners who work sustainably. It involves slow travel, where you get under the skin of the culture by exploring certain areas in depth rather than leaving shallow footprints along the whole length of the country. We recommend travelling by rail and ferry in certain areas, not just because it’s environmentally friendly, but also because it’s part of the cultural and scenic experience.