Photo: A Norwegian luxury - drinking water directly from the river (Thomas B. Svendsen Photography)

In August/September 2017, Up Norway conducted a mini survey to evaluate influencers’ perception of Norway’s collaboration effort with American influencers. The survey also asked the influencers for insight on how to attract more quality conscious travellers to Norway. This mini-report summaries our findings. 

 Photo: Cyclist at Canvas Hotel - one of Norway's hidden gems (Thomas B. Svendsen Photography)

Photo: Cyclist at Canvas Hotel - one of Norway's hidden gems (Thomas B. Svendsen Photography)

RESPONDENTS' experience with norway

Among the respondents, 33% had been to Norway to work as an influencer (mainly production of content for social media and blog posts). Few had in-depth insight into what effect their contribution had to their clients. Among those who had not been to Norway, 75% had attempted to go to Norway for work, but did not end up going due to reasons such as missing leads, leads that did not materialize, and budget restrictions.

Among those who had done influencer jobs in Norway, none were paid a salary, but received assistance with travel planning and booking, and/or got travel allowances and expenses paid. One respondent remarked: “Norway is expensive, typically get hosted more for hotel stays and dinners in US and other countries”.


Competing destinations

When asked “Which destination(s) do you believe Norway is competing with when it comes to quality conscious travellers, and why?”, the following countries were considered Norway’s main competitors:

  1. Iceland
  2. Sweden
  3. Finland

In Europe, UK and Germany were also considered competing destinations, and outside of Europe; Alaska.

A great number of the survey respondents coincided that Norway has more attractions than fjords and Northern Lights. They mention:

  • Folklore, magic and viking heritage
  • Easy to get to thanks to Norwegian Airlines
  • Sustainability / Eco focus / clean air/water
  • Pristine and peaceful nature
  • Friendly and easygoing Norwegians who communicate well in English


required marketing efforts to reach quality conscious travellers

The influencers were asked about what actions they believe Norwegian travel companies should take to reach out to quality conscious travellers. A number of improved marketing efforts were suggested:

  • Modern travellers seek inspiration through personal experience more than TV and magazine ads. Host more influencer trips, and beyond the main attractions.
  • Heavier marketing and increased video content – “The average American does not have Norway on the bucket list”.
  • Promote other activities on top of the adventure/nature focused, i.e. food and coffee culture, and showcase Norway as a “peaceful, safe escape”
  • The perception of Norway as an expensive country, might be a barrier for international inbound tourism. Travel companies should also focus on the not-so expensive and free experiences available.

A final quote from one of the respondents summarizes Norway’s marketing potential well:

“All my friends and family who learned about Norwegian Airlines from my blog post were excited. The non-stop flights and low prices make Norway such an attractive destination. But the most common question was, What is there to do there? I.e. why choose Norway over another destination? The nature, history and culture are reasons (look how people go to Scotland for the same reasons!), but people need to become more familiar with what Norway offers travellers”.



 Photo: Why Norway? - One would like to think it is obvious... Here: outdoor crab cooking at Fleinvær island. 

Photo: Why Norway? - One would like to think it is obvious... Here: outdoor crab cooking at Fleinvær island. 


Among the respondents, Up Norway drew a winner of a 24-hours Taste of Local Secrets experience. The lucky winner, Steven Kreimendahl, runs the blog Travel To Blank. We hope it won’t be long until we can welcome him Up here.